Full Time

In 2016 I began a position working for S&P Global as their Technology Trainer in Charlottesville, VA.  This is the job I was made for and previously performed successfully for many years.  It has been a great experience being able to train people from all over the globe.  However, due to a management change, S&P will be outsourcing all of the Service Desk, which includes my position along with others.  At this time a job could become available with S&P where I could remain.  However, I am looking at other possibilities.   

February 2016, I began working for Capital One Data Center, Richmond, VA, as a Contracted Incident Manager.  This was my first time in a Contractor position.  I learned many new things at this temporary position.  It was great being able to could use my past experience while learning new skills.  I organized, helped resolve and closed many issues during my time there. 

In 1999, I began working for Lumos Networks (spun off from nTelos Wireless) as their Corporate IT Trainer for nine years.  After that, I held several different positions continually being promoted.  I left my position as the Manager of IT Application Support, January 2016, due to a reduction in force. Previously I was in the banking industry starting in 1979 as a VP of Secondary Marketing and Construction Lending.

Part Time
I have over 1,300 articles and columns circulating around the world (yes, I have received emails from readers in Japan, Greenland, and other countries over the years) and almost all 50 states of the USA. Below are some of my most recent weekly columns at DoubleClicks,info.  I have written articles for newspapers, online magazines and Microsoft along with other tech media. Follow that up with training, speaking engagements, a weekly newspaper column, working in IT, designing and maintaining websites, a few repair jobs and you have my computer experience.

In 2016 my business partner and I started Virginia Training and Consulting Group. As time allows, we teach in corporate environments around the state of Virginia.  We train employees from new hires and up in all areas of business and management.

I have written training materials for the Community College system, in the state of Virginia.  I have been an Adjunct Technology Instructor in that system for years.

In 2010 I started a Technology Talk Show with WSVA radio (550 AM). If you are in the central Valley of Virginia please tune in at 10:00 am on the third Monday each month. You can also visit their site for the live show or the podcasts. Call up and let me see if I can help you out…or you can always email me.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with Physics & Geophysical Sciences from Old Dominion University.  With all of that training, I am still involved with adult education but the Physics abilities are in my past.  I am now very involved with computers, software and all forms of tech having worked with them for the past 20+ years.

Please use the link at the top-right of this page or this link to contact me for training, technical talks, questions and/or consulting when you have a need. I would be happy to add you or your organization as a client.